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#02 – Mindfulness and Meditation – Dane Te Wharaupo

Dane Te Wharaupo Robertson started off as one of 10 siblings; with some crazy stories. He is now a mental performance coach, mindfulness and meditation expert, male empowerment coach, and public speaker, with a focus for leading the next generation of men into a greater understanding of their true selves.

After a massive shift, Dane walked away from his past life as a corporate sales superstar earlier this year, moved to Bali in October with his NOW wife, as in they JUST got married a few weeks ago, on the beach, in Bali, and is now living a true digital nomad lifestyle. He is the New Zealand born John Snow!

[0:55] – Introduction and story
[12:39] – Importance of relationships and reflection
[15:06] – The accidental discovery of Meditation
[25:40] – Initial challenges of Sobriety
[30:28] – What is mindfulness and why do it?
[37:20] – Gratitude practice
[42:01] – Incorporating spiritual aspects into mindfulness
[45:45] – Crazy spiritual stories
[48:23] – What’s in the future for Dane
[52:22] – War against masculinity
[57:24] – Follow Dane
[58:34] – Look within yourself

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Website: www.danetewharaupo.com
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