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#03 – Hip-Hop Entrepreneur – Braden K

Braden is a guy I met when I was living a very different life, and was a very different person than I am now. We first met when I was managing a bar in the Bay of Islands, NZ, and was pretty much a functioning alcoholic. We got up to absolute mischief behind the bar together, but formed a bond that has continued throughout the journey towards both of us living our best live.

He is now into strength training, traveling, and is a full-time music producer based in Toronto Canada, working with some incredible talents including Toronto-based Hip-Hop artist and Rapper, Trey YZ. It’s been inspiring to watch his career evolve in creating the person he is today, and I know he will have some value to share and some funny stories for you all.

[0:55] – Introduction
[1:58] – Background
[5:58] – No AirBnb!
[11:15] – Realising you’re not dumb
[14:54] – Sex in the shower?
[19:20] – Party animal to Hip-Hop producer
[27:32] – Don’t look back in regret
[35:50] – Up-levelling financially
[38:11] – Put mind and body first, so you have the energy to hustle
[38:55] – Half-Marathon
[42:55] – Future aspirations
[50:20] – Advice to people with a dream but lacking support

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