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#05 – Abundance and Limiting Beliefs – Stephanie Packer

I first met Stephanie Packer almost 7 and a Half years ago to the date, when I caught a glimpse of the name-tag she was wearing at an international event I was attending, and realised she was from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where my wife spent the majority of her teenage years.

Steph started her entrepreneurial journey as an holistic nutritionist over a decade ago now, and has been on a constant journey of finding what works, what doesn’t work, finding herself, and finding a way to bring it all together. She has evolved into holistic beauty fashionista, business alignment coach, and self-care guru.

One of the most impressive things that she has achieved so far, in my eyes, is establishing a solid and reputable brand and community, all about women’s empowerment in entrepreneurship, Luscious Life Design.

[0:55] – Introduction
[4:44] – Integrating into entrepreneurship
[11:36] – Books that help with limiting beliefs
[16:20] – Moments close to quitting?
[26:35] – Creating space to make mistakes
[30:04] – Failing forward
[42:32] – Goal Setting
[48:54] – In love with yourself but want to improve
[55:42] – What would you say to a classroom of Kids?

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