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#06 – Not feeling enough – Randy Ignacio

Randy Ignacio is a Tennis coach and Entrepreneur based in one of my favourite places in the world, California.

He is an incredible self-taught photographer, founder and lead creative director of RIVAS Photo and Film. Something that began as a hobby passion and evolved into a feasible and profitable business venture.

Aside from his work and entrepreneurial endeavors, Randy has a real passion for helping others and creating a large and lasting impact in those he meets, and the community around him.

[0:55] – Introduction
[4:56] – Dropping out of College
[8:06] – Start of the Photography Journey
[12:43] – Conversation with his partner about heading into entrepreneurship
[17:40] – Approval from others
[25:50] – How to develop passions into business
[30:02] – Changing the perspective of the ‘No’s’
[34:57] – The future of Randy
[42:36] – Travel and adventure
[47:01] – Best advice ever?

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