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#07 – Mental Health and Transforming your thoughts – Haris Butt

Haris Butt is a Personal Trainer, Powerlifting Tutor and Mentor based in Wellington, New Zealand.

He is a National Champion Powerlifter, an event that actually made breaking news in his home country, Pakistan.

With a passion in mental health, he incorporates that not only in his training, but also his message through his social media channels.

[0:55] – Introduction
[4:40] – Getting into Powerlifting
[7:28] – Pooping pants
[9:03] – Falling off the peak
[10:03] – What made you want to get better?
[17:55] – Make your bed
[19:56] – The only barrier is ourselves
[23:01] – Haris’s definition of meditation
[26:23] – Including mindfulness into your professional work
[29:40] – Self-reflection of thoughts
[34:45] – Be OK with your feelings
[39:16] – Creating positive momentum
[41:40] – Masks of Masculinity

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