"I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary" - Elon R. Musk

#08 – Believing in yourself – Ricky Achterstraat

Ricky is a guy who has overcome some massive insecurity issues to be where he is today.

From being born in the Philippines, not knowing his biological father, growing up in New Zealand and losing his Dad at age 11, he is now a long way from his teenage self.

Now living in Bangkok with his wife, he is a successful online fitness coach, co-founder of men’s hair and self care brand Concept Creations, influencer, content creator, and even a podium finisher at an international sport model competition.

Big into mindset and personal growth, that is something that comes across strongly in his messages, but also something he has really discovered himself through his adversities, and still applies to this day.

[0:55] – Introduction
[7:01] – Losing his Dad
[8:35] – Starting at the gym
[13:19] – Where to focus with your goals
[13:45] – Becoming aware of your internal dialogue
[17:51] – Re-committing to marriage
[25:45] – Being real about your emotions
[28:01] – Morning routine
[33:49] – Affirmations for self-belief and action
[37:43] – Mindset within the entrepreneur rollercoaster
[41:42] – Advice to those with low self-esteem

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