"I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary" - Elon R. Musk

#11 – Ego, Masculinity, and Planet Protein

Brenden is a man with a core focus similar to my own – to redefine how traditional quote unquote masculinity is viewed. Brenden was a high school soccer star gone wrong, a college dropout, before signing up to the military and eventually becoming an infantry squad leader in the US Marine Corps.

Fast forward a few years and Brenden is now a vegan (like me), he is the CEO of Planet Protein – a plant based and sustainable nutrition company, and has a life passion of spreading the gifts of sustainability and clean water.

[0:55] – Introduction
[3:12] – When dreams come crashing down
[5:23] – Entering the Marine Corps
[9:51] – Don’t regret the past
[12:01] – Transition to veganism
[16:07] – What is veganism all about?
[22:51] – Veganism with health as the anchor
[25:42] – Creation of Planet Protein
[29:55] – Entrepreneurship mindset ride
[33:56] – Some people are not born to be entrepreneurs
[39:40] – Treat everyone in the company the same, even the janitor
[43:25] – Ego and masculinity
[53:58] – The importance of patience
[59:20] – Planet Protein sustainability
[1:03:50] – Advice to a stuck person

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