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#13 – Veganism, compassion, and juicing – Donny Oberoi

On this episode, Donny and I covered so much to do with veganism, but most pointedly his transition from a child raised as a vegetarian, to a full blown meat-eater, to re-discovering his compassionate inner-self and reconnecting with the plant-based lifestyle. We talked about his brand, Vegan as fuck, and some mindset pointers that have helped him through his journey.

[0:28] – Introduction
[2:17] – The move away from vegetarianism
[4:04] – Society’s influence
[6:42] – Getting back on a plant based diet
[13:12] – Perspective through documentaries
[17:31] – Plant based vs veganism
[19:35] – Vegang lifestyle
[23:35] – 28 Days Raw
[28:28] – 28 Days of Juicing
[34:35] – Vegan comfort food
[37:55] Vegan as fvck
[41:00] – Connect with Donny
[43:37] – Farmer John’s Pig Vigil
[45:40] – Reconnecting with your compassion

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