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#14 Masculinity and Courage – Kevin Scott

In this episode Kevin and I dive straight into a topic that is so misconstrued and misunderstood in 2019, masculinity. We talk about finding your courage, what it means to be a man, and understanding even further how to show up and impact others.

[0:28] – Introduction
[1:10] – What is masculinity.
[2:37] – Suicide
[5:26] – Pressure
[6:40] – How do you find your ‘voice’
[12:22] – Emotions within masculinity
[17:45] – What life was like before ‘emotional intelligence’
[22:20] – The difference of self belief
[29:28] – Being mad at others for having conviction
[36:00] – Courage and facing fears
[40:20] – Movement and kinetic energy
[44:36] – You are a role model
[48:10] – What is the effortless alpha?
[50:57] – You are enough

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