"I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary" - Elon R. Musk

3-hour power plan

Let's be honest.

You know you’re meant for bigger things in this world.

And I can so relate… But where the fuck do you even begin? Well, let’s wage war on your limiting beliefs in a 3 hours session, and have you walking away with the knowledge and tools to start truly aligning your values, to your actions; and your results.

Sometimes, all it takes is a moment to create massive change. I’m giving you 3 hours.

I'm Nick.

It would be my honour to share this 180 minutes with you

I believe you can achieve what you really really desire. Why? Because I used to be head in the clouds, grandiose ambitions of the future, but I’ve discovered how to breathe, walk, and live that life, not just dream of it, and I KNOW that you can do that too.

Uncover what is REALLY holding you back. Not just surface level shit, but deep down.

Create a short term strategy to get your actions in line with your values and find fulfilment

Understand how the mind and brain works, and how you can utilise and 'hack' it in your favour.

Build a personalised strategy for you to take away, implement, and achieve.

Walk away believing you are the bad-ass, limitless being that you really are.

[Nick] showed me that I am capable of greatness should I choose to invest in myself wholeheartedly and without hesitation. He breathed new life into my soul, enhanced my brain waves and opened up my eyes to what a human can do if they genuinely believe in themselves.

Tyrone Ngatai, AU

Are you waiting for something to arrive? Or are you going to go out and find where it's hiding.

3-hour power plan

365 USD

Nick brings a fresh perspective on many issues including current trends, relevance and innovation. His ability to analyse information and develop business strategies make him the ideal collaboration partner for me. He lives out what he speaks out, and is a great example of the lifestyle he promotes. Nick looks to add value wherever he can and I have been one of the many grateful recipients of his generosity on more than one occasion."

Paul Edwards, NZ

It's one thing to say you care, it's another thing entirely to truly, deeply care. That is a rare quality I feel in today's culture where we can often be more detached than ever. Nick embodies the kind of qualities in a leader that people need. Thank you Nick for being such a great friend and an inspiration in my own life!"

Fraser bayley, usa

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