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I had the pleasure of meeting Nick online early in 2017 and he immediately stood out to me. The quality and depth of the advice and support he would provide others in open forum groups was profound, and rare. I could tell by the way he engaged people that he truly CARED. Not just that, but he clearly had an amazing knowledge base, yet was also able to be practical and mesh this base of science with practicality, which again is so rare! Beyond just the quality advice I would see him give all the time, the kind of content he shared on his profiles spoke to me. It was a blend of light hearted humor with deep thoughts, and I feel like that's a beautiful combination of wanting the most from life, wanting to achieve your greatest self, but not taking it all so seriously along the way that you forget to live. That kind of message helped me so much. As Nick and I began to talk more, I realized that this is the kind of person that inspires me to do more and be more. Through his own actions and the way he carries himself, he inspires me to do the same. After having the pleasure of being of his Podcast "The Limitless Podcast" it was clear Nick just cares about people. It's one thing to say you care, it's another thing entirely to truly, deeply care. That is a rare quality I feel in today's culture where we can often be more detached than ever. Nick embodies the kind of qualities in a leader that people need. Thank you Nick for being such a great friend and an inspiration in my own life!"

Fraser Bayley, USA

Some things are valuable simply because they are so rare, Nick definitely has that quality. But the fact that he is one of a kind isn't the only thing he brings to the table. Nick has an astounding ability to make you feel like the most important person in the world. Whether you're talking to him face to face, or on a phone call from half way around the globe, one thing is clear, you have his undivided attention. He wants you to win, and he'll give you all of the wisdom he's worked so hard to gain just to see that happen. Some people reach certain levels of success, whether that's financially, their relationships, health or fitness, whatever, and they close in on themselves as if they could lose their treasure if they let their secrets slip. But Nick has a mindset of abundance, he's someone who speaks life into others, he rises by lifting those around him and pouring his heart into them. He's also invested heavily in developing a relevant skill set that has real world utility and practical application in todays rapidly changing economy. And it's one thing to internalize these things for himself, but his ability to teach and help others along the same path is remarkable. He's someone I look up to and seek advice from regularly. One thing I know for sure, your life will be better with Nick in it. Nick, my brother, you're a legend. And I am thankful for our friendship.

Luke dunham, usa

Where to start!... So many things I could say about connecting with Nick and joining his RE:EVOLVE program. If one thing's for certain, I didn't want the program to come to an end! Nick not only was a light in the dark within myself, not only was he a mentor, not only was he personally invested in my growth mentally, but he became a life long friend - a brother. I had been following Nick since February 2018 and was only ever observing his posts and getting a feel for his energy. Then all of a sudden I hit a wall in September and I found myself in a place where I didn't want to be in..again. Depression, unhappiness, tired, angry, frustrated, lost, passionless, emotional, and stressed. The "easy" way out became a constant bouncing thought in my head. I randomly messaged Nick, letting out my inner demons and not knowing what response I would get. Nick answered me instantly and wanting to video chat with me to meet and discuss what was going on. This was a game changer as I felt his sincerity in wanting to help people see the potential within themselves but also he spoke the truth on issues that most would shy away from saying. Nick's program opened up the realms of possibility within one's self but only if said person was willing to truly accept that they can overcome harsh obstacles that life throws at us. His program showed me that I am capable of greatness should I choose to invest in myself whole heartedly and without hesitation. This program breathed new life into my soul, enhanced my brain waves and opened up my eyes to what a human can do if they genuinely believe in themselves. Growing mentally is something I have always tried to do, but struggled with. Nick and his program not only helped me to grow, but it helped me to understand that we are powerful beings with limitless potential. Sometimes it takes just one video chat, one reply to a cry for help, one person to tell you you are worthy of your wildest dreams. Nick did this for me, and this will forever go with me through my journey of life. Thank you Nick Hug-Taylor. You are a legend. #GangstaASF

Tyrone Ngatai, AU

I met Nick in 2006 at a flight school in southern New Zealand. Later I became his Flight Instructor teaching him how to be a great pilot. Nick was young and a bit of a crazy youth, but he was a great student. Easy to teach and he picked things up well. He was driven and always looked to excel in his flying. Nick is always positive and lifts everyone up around him. He sees the best in people. He has such great integrity and always follows through when he sets his mind on something. I’ve seen Nick grow A LOT over the years. In every aspect of his life, Nick has always been driven and strives to be the best version of himself. Seeking out the best, pouring into himself so he can then pour into others. I’ve seen him become a great man and husband to his wife Viola. The teacher became the student 5 years ago when I noticed Nick was making big things happen and he still is! Since then I’ve learned a lot from Nick about health and finances and especially personal development. He was one of my biggest cheerleaders and support during some of the hardest and most challenging times of my life, and also some of the best times. Nick is always there! He genuinely cares for others and always makes time for his friends, no matter what time zones we are in, ha ha! Nick is truly a great friend and Mentor to me and I’m always excited to see his goals become reality.

Roydon wells, usa

The best way I can summarize my experience with Nick is that he got me to do something that I've been so resistant to doing for pretty much my whole life; to focus on personal development. I was a person who was far too content just operating on auto pilot, just kind of going through the motions and not acting/thinking in a conscious manner about my results in life. Nick's [work] totally reversed that trend though. Through practical, clear, and concise methods he helped unlock the ability to take a more active and conscious approach to life, decision making, and achieving my goals that I was never able to tap into previously. In other words, in just a matter of weeks he gave me the tools to begin dismantling all of the bad habits I formed in my 30 years on this earth. Nick was truly the perfect person to guide me on this journey. The information is of course extremely valuable but who was presenting it was critical in how receptive I was to it. Nick is uniquely talented in communicating these concepts and always took the time to time to treat those of us in the group as individuals with different perspectives, backgrounds, and challenges we were looking to overcome. What this showed me is that he is someone who truly cares and is in this for the right reasons. Bottom line is this. We all have untapped potential and Nick's [work] is something that would help anybody overcome the mental challenges and bad habits that are preventing them from achieving their goals."

Brian Rocke, USA

Signing onto the RE:EVOLVE program I didn’t know what to expect. Personal development was never of importance to me until I started working on my physical self and realized that no matter how much I exercised it would never lead to becoming mentally fit. I knew I needed to start working on my mental fitness as well. Working with Nick was awesome. It felt like I was signing on to learn from a respected and funny friend. What I took away from this program is so much more than I ever could have expected. I gained mental strength and multiple friendships, and to me that’s priceless.

Rosie Rocke, USA

I met Nick about 6 years ago through his then partner/now wife, Viola. At the time, all I knew about him was that Viola adored him and that he was very driven and goal oriented. The couple soon became an integral part of the leadership group within our organisation. Nick brings a fresh perspective on many issues including current trends, relevance and innovation. His ability to analyse information and develop business strategies make him the ideal collaboration partner for me. He lives out what he speaks out, and is a great example of the lifestyle he promotes. Nick looks to add value wherever he can and I have been one of the many grateful recipients of his generosity on more than one occasion."

Paul Edwards, NZ

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